Pink 2;2 member treading the boards!

Pink 2;2 Media Group member Jackie Mercer has been making her debut this week in her first performance with the Falkirk Operatic Society. Jackie is one of the Media Group’s founding members, participating in all of the group’s productions and showing real skill and aptitude for acting and improvisation. Several months ago she felt confident enough to apply to the Falkirk Operatic Society to become a member. The Society, quite rightly, snapped Jackie up and she began work on a production of “The Slipper And The Rose”. Jackie auditioned for a part in the production and was offered two! Many of FDAMH’s service users and staff will be cheering Jackie on throughout her performances this week.

As well as learning all her lines, songs and dance routines for “The Slipper And The Rose”, Jackie has also been learning her script for the forthcoming Media Group play “Being Frank” . That’s some feat and we’re just hoping she doesn’t get them mixed up, as we haven’t planned for a peasants dance routine in our play about mental health!

The group and FDAMH are absolutely delighted for Jackie and her success and wish her the very best of luck — Break a Leg, Jackie!

15 Mar Slipper and Rose

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23/04/2015 at 9:05 am