Praise for FDAMH’s Social Prescribing Project

FDAMH’s Social Prescribing Project was delighted to receive great feedback from Alliance Scotland, project funders, after submitting its latest progress report. This second 6-month report marks the first complete reporting period of full service delivery, the first 6-month report having included the recruitment and set-up phases.

This service has three workers based in GP surgeries, working one-to-one with people presenting with mental health issues. 174 different people received support from the service in the last six months and the feedback we have received from clients and GPs has been very positive. The report demonstrated that the project is delivering intended outcomes for its clients. It also showed that staff are paying close attention to the needs of their clients and are also building strong, beneficial relationships with other professionals, groups and organisations.

“This has been very helpful in letting me understand I can help myself and ways to do it.” Client

“Fantastic service from compassionate insightful worker. Put things into perspective for me. I will continue to use relaxation exercises. I have gained awareness of myself.” Client

“I find the service very good. Patients very happy.” GP

“Thank you so much for being here.” GP

“Both (patients) talked very highly of the Social Prescribing and feel that their lives have been changed around by the time that you spent with them and the advice that you have given to them. I feel that your service has been invaluable to the practice since you started.” GP

There will be a fresh update on all of our projects shortly when we release our Half Year Projects’ Report.

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29/10/2014 at 1:11 pm