Pupils key to development of new mental health resource

We’ve been amazed at the passion and commitment shown by local pupils in helping to develop a new mental health pocket-sized resource for GPs that is age appropriate for young people.

A partnership between NHS Forth Valley and FDAMH has been working on developing this resource to provide a list of websites offering supportive advice to young people on how to self-manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing. FDAMH used their close links with Braes High and Graeme High Schools and invited groups of S1 — S5 pupils to evaluate and feedback on the suitability of the resources currently listed on the handout issued by GPs. The feedback and additional suggestions from pupils have been invaluable and FDAMH is very impressed by the in-depth and well-considered evaluation they have conducted. The pupils’ work has gone a long way in shaping the new pocket-sized resource, due to be printed and distributed later this month.

15/01/2016 at 11:40 am