So many volunteering roles – what will you choose?

We think you might be surprised by the variety of volunteer roles we have on offer here at FDAMH! And the great thing is you’ll benefit from our excellent volunteer training and ongoing volunteer support to make sure you’re confident and able to perform your role.

Amongst our opportunities just now we have spaces for people who’d love to share their passion for fishing, Sunday lunch or the theatre! Perhaps you’re a great motivator and could get behind community fundraising or maybe you’d like to put your great website skills to use?

Many of our volunteering roles help to tackle the isolation and loneliness that is a common aspect of reduced mental or emotional wellbeing caused by conditions such as anxiety or depression. If you love meeting people and being sociable, whether in group settings or one-to-one, FDAMH has much to offer.

You can apply to join FDAMH’s volunteer team on our Volunteering Page.

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13/06/2017 at 11:44 am