Social Prescribing: Community Workers on the Move!

Our highly-respected Social Prescribing team, currently serving at GP practices in Stenhousemuir and Denny, are on the move!

Funding for our Social Prescribing Service is only sufficient to sustain our three workers, thus, despite repeated requests from local GPs, we are unable to increase capacity without further funding. Therefore, we feel the best way to allow people in other communities around Falkirk District to benefit is to move our two community workers to new bases.

Our community Social Prescribers offer GP patients with emotional and mental health issues, up to 5 one-hour sessions of one-to-one support to help get things back on track. They provide a person-centred and holistic service, working with people to help them identify goals, work out where the problems are and learn and develop techniques to cope better and work towards achieving the things they want to do. And, often, the final piece of the puzzle is directing people on to other sources of support and fulfillment in the community.

The team would like to thank practices at Stenhousemuir and Carronbank Health Centres for hosting our staff over this time. Referrals from these practices will close on 31st March. Staff will complete existing case loads and then transfer to new bases this summer. We are very pleased to announce one of our new partners will be Dr Lim’s practice at Camelon Medical Centre, with our other new location to be finalised. The Service Manager will remain in-house at FDAMH, offering Social Prescribing to clients from across the whole area, referred by FDAMH’s other services.

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22/03/2016 at 12:18 pm