TAB achieves Quality in Befriending Award!

FDAMH’s Third Age Befriending (TAB) Service has demonstrated the high quality of its service, to both clients and volunteers, by achieving the Quality in Befriending Award (QiB).

Befriending Network Scotland, the Award provider, states that “achieving QiB demonstrates that a project has the management expertise, processes and resources to deliver a consistently high quality service. Both client and volunteers can expect to be fully prepared and supported throughout their befriending experience. ” The award covers nine areas of Befriending and has provided the opportunity to look closely at the entirety of the service and see what areas can be improved, as well as what works really well.

On notifying us of the award, Liz Watson, Befriending Networks Chief Executive, said “Congratulations to you and the team. The quality of this service shone out of your submission.”

Julie, the Service Manager, says “I am delighted to receive this Award. We have been working on attaining this for a year, so I am particularly pleased to have completed the course. I must say that there has been considerable input from a variety of staff here at FDAMH, which included vacating rooms while I pored over the paperwork and feeding me coffee!”

We are grateful to Befriending Network Scotland for being so supportive throughout the process.

We’re delighted that we can now proudly display our award logo, letting everyone know that we are working to the highest standard possible.

Quality in Bef Transparent

19/01/2016 at 7:54 pm