Wee Woolly Cuddles thanks to TAB Knitters

TAB KnittingUtilising our wonderful Arts and Crafts box, two of our Third Age Befrieding (TAB) service users have been knitting for Forth Valley Royal’s Premature Baby Unit. With support from their befrienders, one lady has been getting re-acquainted with the knitting needles after some 25 years and another has learned to knit for the first time in her life.

The TAB Arts and Crafts Box contains a wide variety of activities and ideas and is used by our befrienders and befriendees to try out new crafts, or to get back into old pastimes and hobbies. The knitting had proved popular, but we needed a purpose to our knitting and so we made contact with the Baby Unit at the hospital to offer our services. The Neonatal Unit staff were delighted and sent us suitable patterns and our ladies got busy! The results are wonderful and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed knitting again. As one befriendee said:

“I stopped knitting years ago because I had no-one left to knit for. I used to knit for all the babies in the street, but I don’t know anyone now. Knitting again has been great and knowing that I am knitting for the wee premature babies in the hospital makes me feel like I am helping again. My knitting feels like a wee woolly cuddle for all those wee darlings.”

Thank you to our fabulous befriendees and their befrienders for their generous efforts and well done! Those “wee darlings” will be warm and snuggly tonight.

25/11/2014 at 8:14 am