The Carers Forum

Getting people involved in service development is something we’re always keen on, so we’d like to highlight the Carers Forum thanks to this article from the November Carers News from the Princess Royal Trust Carers Centre…

In what seems like the constantly changing world of care, health and social work, the voice of the carer is taking on a new emphasis. Carers are having to cope with changes to the benefits system, understand the newly introduced concept of Self-directed Support and face issues relating to the proposed new Carers Legislation. In the next year, carers will also have to get to grips with the integration of Health and Social Care. In addition to having to deal with the consequences of constant change, carers are also increasingly being asked for their opinions.

For carers to understand and engage with these challenges, on top of their own caring commitments, they will need to be well informed and interact with others carers and health and social care professionals. This, however, is a two way process. Through engaging with carers Health and Social Care professionals will be better placed to understand the needs of carers and subsequently work towards the delivery of more effective services.

The Carers Forum provides an opportunity for unpaid carers, social workers, health professionals, third sector organisations and elected politicians to come together once a quarter to share information, discuss local and national issues pertaining to carers and to comment on any current police or proposed legislation.

The next meeting of the Carers Forum is on:
Falkirk Monday 19 January 2015 at 10:00am in the Carers Centre.

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01/12/2014 at 11:26 am