The Pink 2:2 Media Group Visit Glasgow’s CCA Screenwriters Workshop

Media Group1

As part of our See Me funding and our work with scriptwriter Katie White, the Pink 2:2 Media Group went along to Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts where they hold a monthly Scottish Scriptwriters workshop. This is a chance for Scotland’s up and coming (and established) scriptwriters to try out their scripts amongst fellow writers, getting feedback and some ideas and opinions. The CCA also does some drama and acting workshops as well, so it’s a busy place.

The Media Group went along en masse accompanied by Katie White and Lucy Telfer (who the group are currently working with), to have a try out and meet some of the people that go, with an eye to taking our “Being Frank” script along in February. The workshop on that night was Improvised Comedy, led by Glasgow based Improv professionals “ we Are Improv Ninjas”. We came, we saw, we Improv’ed our little socks off! Here’s Media Group member Gordon’s take on the evening:

“This was a great experience, going into the evening none of us knew what to expect. Once we got in there were more people than I thought would be there. The night was split into two sections – script reading and improv with Glasgow based group We Are Improv Ninjas. I decided to try improvisation for the first time. We were all split into two groups. One group had experienced actors among them and the other group had us! In all honesty I didn’t think improv would be as hard as it was. We had to act out scenes whilst the people watching shouted out improv situations. I participated in several exercises and found it difficult to think on the spot, still it was an enjoyable evening.”

Going by the excited chatter and tired but smiling faces on the train home, I think everyone enjoyed it. See you in a months’ time, Glasgow!

Thanks to Sonja Blietschau for taking pictures – there are more available on our Facebook page

26/01/2015 at 9:37 am