Tommy is Pride of Forth Valley

We’re very happy to let you know that Tommy Hamilton, the brains and energy behind our spectacular No Men Nevis fundraiser, recently won the 2016 Pride of Forth Valley Award for Contribution to Charity! We think Tommy is a very well deserved winner and are very glad the judging panel thought so too.


Tommy’s efforts and incredible skill at encouraging so many people in the community to take part and support FDAMH has raised over £67,000. But added to that, the event has done fantastic work in terms of raising awareness of mental health and FDAMH’s presence in the community.

Tommy says “Thanks – tho it’s kinda an award for us all. I’m hopeful others will be nominated next year for helping FDAMH. I’m hopeful that more people can help keep FDAMH in the press by going out and raising money…. Also thanks to everyone who helped run the event, took part or even sponsored someone.”

So, the challenge has been made! If you want to help fundraise for FDAMH in 2017 please get in touch with our Community Fundraising Officer, Jim Stewart.

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28/11/2016 at 3:45 pm