Wee Trip Doon the Water

2015 Jun swans

The Stepping on Group had a lovely day out this month, courtesy of the Seagull Trust. Meeting at the Bantaskin Boat House, the sun was shining and the group were very fortunate to have a lovely day for the boat trip! Two new members joined the group this trip, settling in well and joining in with reminiscing about places they had lived and worked, people they knew and chatting about all the new things happening in Falkirk.

This is a great example of how peer support works, the group is terrific at making new members feel very welcome and letting them share experiences and memories of their lives. A couple of people from the group discovered they had even been employed in the same place, so they had a lovely time talking about their old work place together!

Tea and coffee was provided by the fabulous staff, who then took the time to tell us some interesting facts about the Govan Seagull Boat and the history of the canal.

Everyone enjoyed the day……the calm waters of the canal, the beautiful countryside and the classic spring scenes- lambs gambolling at the side of the canal, ducks with their ducklings paddling along behind and the graceful swan with her signets.

The Stepping On Group is part of our Third Age Befriending Project, you can find out more by going to Services>Third Age Befriending.

08/06/2015 at 12:55 pm