Jack’s Coffee House

47 Vicar Street, Falkirk. Tel: 01324 614050

This café was chosen as February’s Café of choice by the Stepping On group. This was the first visit to this café for many of us, and it made a great first impression. Here’s what the group members said:

“Lovely venue, light and airy and easy to move around in with my stroller. Very clean and I like the modern décor. The rolls are delicious and that square sliced sausage was the best I’ve tasted. I asked the waitress where they buy them, it was that good. No bad prices too, for what you get. 10/10 for me!” Olive

“Staff are really friendly, helpful, cannae do enough for you. The soup is great — 3 choices of soups! —and the portions are HUGE! Yes, I’d come back here again, it’s a great place. Good prices for what you get and a lovely place. 8/10 for me” Mary

“Aye, I like this place. They soup was great and a lot of it. The staff are lovely and it’s busy without being too crowded. Aye, I think 9/10 is about right. Smashing great big pot of tea as well.” Hugh

Jack’s has lots of daily specials on and does a variety of light lunches at reasonable prices and generous portions. A busy and yet friendly and spacious place that the Stepping On group heartily recommends and hopes to return to.

And Julie says? “Well…. not enough evidence of cakes!!”

12/03/2014 at 11:12 pm