FDAMH Training Academy


FDAMH Training Academy provides expert training courses to people across Scotland on the subject of mental health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re an individual looking to further your knowledge and learn new skills, or an organisation interested in educating staff and reducing absence due to ill mental health, FDAMH Training Academy has a course to suit you.

Aiming to reduce the stigma attached to mental health, and educate people across the country on how to improve and maintain their wellbeing, FDAMH Training Academy offers courses on a range of subjects: from Managing Anxiety, through to Mindfulness for Wellbeing, Keeping Yourself Mentally Well, Understanding Self-Harm and Introduction to Counselling Skills.

Offering bespoke courses tailored to meet the needs of an organisation as well, join over 900 delegates in furthering your knowledge of mental health and develop your personal growth and skillset.

Explore our courses below:


Our Courses

Mental Wellbeing & Mental Health Awareness

Mindfulness for Wellbeing – The Mindful Way (8 x 2hr)
Learn how to manage your emotions more effectively, reduce stress and enhance your mental wellbeing with this 8-week Mindfulness course.

Managing Anxiety
Discover ways to manage and reduce your stress and anxiety, while gaining a better understanding of what anxiety is and why it happens.

Keeping Yourself Mentally Well (1 day)
A one-day course committed to enhancing your mental wellbeing whilst also equipping you with the knowledge you need to help support others experiencing poor mental wellbeing.

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) (2 days)
This two-day SMHFA course will provide you with a deep knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and give you confidence in approaching a person in distress.

Seasons For Growth
Helping Adults, Parents & Children to process, understand and manage the painful realities of loss and change.


Specific Mental Health Issues

Understanding Eating Disorders (Half day)
This 3-hour course is aimed at school staff, health or social care professionals, parents and friends who suspect an eating disorder and want to learn more.

Understanding Self-Harm (Half day)
A three-hour interactive workshop designed for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of self-harming or who is involved with someone who self-harms and wishes to offer them support.

Understanding Hoarding Disorder (Half day)
This three-hour course tackles a complex disorder and is designed for healthcare professionals, local authority staff and third sector organisations who visit patients and clients in their own homes.


Essential Skills

Introduction to Counselling Skills (8 x 2hr)
Do you wish you were a better listener? Would you like a better understanding of counselling? Discover how the tools counsellors use could benefit you in everyday life.

Assertiveness (1 day course)
Have you ever been in a meeting or faced with a situation and felt you couldn’t speak up or defend your point of view? This course helps you understand the importance of being assertive, what it is and is not and looks at the differences between assertive, passive and aggressive.

Boundaries Workshop (Half day)
An interactive course to help you improve your understanding of the importance and value in establishing and maintaining boundaries. The course will explore good practice using scenarios and sharing experience.

Volunteer Training
Make sure your volunteers are properly prepared for their roles. Designed for any volunteers in a role that involves working with people, this course is the result of our many years experience of training and managing our own volunteers at FDAMH.


Certificated Qualifications

COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills (One-year part-time study)
An accredited course, COSCA is perfect for anybody looking to improve their understanding of other people as well as themselves. Counselling skills can not only enhance the quality of personal relationships, but can also improve workplace performance. This course is also a foundation for further counselling study.


Bespoke Training

We deliver specially tailored courses to suit the needs of organisations across Scotland, from St. Andrews University through to Braes High School and Enable Scotland. Contact us on academy@fdamh.org.uk or 01324 671 600 to find out how we could help your organisation.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Guidance for Businesses

If you want to run an effective workplace that does its best for staff, so your staff can do their best for the business, then you should have a culture that respects and protects mental wellbeing. If you need help to develop your organisation’s approach to wellbeing, or require training for staff to improve their ability to address this aspect of working life, then please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.