Assertiveness Workshop

Cost:£70 per person

Course Overview

Have you ever been in a meeting or faced with a situation and felt you couldn’t speak up or defend your point of view?

Our workshop helps you to understand the importance of being assertive and offers techniques to ensure you can continue to be assertive long after the course is finished.

Looking at what assertiveness is and is not, the course will help you to understand what being assertive really means and the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.

The assertiveness workshop also looks at the power of body language and the impact this has on how you come across, allowing participants the chance to try out new techniques and learning and see the difference this can make to their daily communication.

There is an opportunity to practice being assertive in a safe and fun environment, allowing you to build up the confidence to give your point of view in a group setting.


Interested in attending this course? Email the EHM team on or call 01324 671600.