Introduction to Counselling Skills

Introduction to Counselling

Cost: £200 per person

Course Overview

Discover new skills and techniques to improve your listening and communication skills, and find out how the techniques counsellors use could benefit you in everyday life.

Delivered over an eight week period in two hour sessions, whether you’re a professional looking to further your career, or an individual looking to make the most from your personal or working relationships, this course could be the perfect fit for you.

Learn the power of active listening and supportive communication, while also gaining a better understanding of the meaning of counselling and the transferrable skills counsellors use every day.

Part of everyday life, communication is all too often done automatically and without thinking. However, by taking the time to listen and communicate more effectively you could improve relationships with friends, family, colleagues and the wider public.

For those interested in pursuing a career in counselling, this course can also be used as a stepping stone for anyone wishing to progress to the accredited COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills course.


Interested in attending this course ? Email the FDAMH Training Academy team on or call 01324 671600.