Understanding Self-harm

Understanding Self Harm

Cost: £55 per person

Course Overview

Understanding Self-harm is a three-hour interactive workshop. It is designed for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of self-harming or who is involved with someone who self-harms and wishes to offer them support.

Self-harming can be a secretive behaviour that sometimes has fatal consequences. There is also a link between self-harming and suicide. This course touches briefly on these statistics and encourages participants not be afraid to have the conversation about what is ‘going on’ with their family member, friend, student or employee.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Self-harm delivers an interactive experience in a safe environment, increasing understanding of:

  • What self-harming is
  • Who does it
  • Why they do it
  • The methods that some people use
  • The warning signs
  • The potential physical, psychological and behavioural effects
  • The myths
  • Your role in supporting someone who self-harms
  • Support services
  • First Aid for Self-harming

The student pack includes information on starting difficult conversations and support services aimed at young people and adults. Web addresses and mobile phone apps are also listed. Understanding Self-harm does not promote self-harming and encourages alternative healthier coping methods, however in recognising that it does happen the course also includes guidance on First Aid for Self-harm.


Interested in attending this course? Email the FDAMH Training Academy team on academy@fdamh.org.uk, or call 01324 671600.

Testimonials from Participants

“Feel more confident when supporting people affected by self harm – personally and professionally”
“The interactive nature of the session was very useful”
“Really good course with very useful hand outs to share”
“Definitely leaving with a lot more knowledge on the topic and reasons why people self-harm”
“Excellent trainer, very welcoming and supportive during a difficult subject”
“Being in a group setting and having discussion about myths and experiences was really beneficial”