Activity Groups

Thrive in a supportive and encouraging environment that will help you enjoy the benefits of creative, social activities!

Why should I take part?

Our activities can help you by:

  • Making you feel safe, supported and respected
  • Offering life-affirming experiences to help you to build happy memories
  • Building your confidence and self-esteem
  • Allowing you to express yourself safely through creative arts
  • Teaching you new skills and helping you find or rediscover interests
  • Offering the chance to make new friends and become comfortable in groups
  • When you’re ready, giving you chances to face and learn to cope with new challenges

We hope to help you develop the confidence to start accessing main stream groups and opportunities in your wider community. When you feel ready to do this we will assist you in identifying community-based activities using the great connections we have with local organisations.

Joining our Activities

You must be referred by any of your health or social care professionals. You can also be referred by staff you work with at FDAMH.

Your referrer can fill in the referral form on this web page to securely send your details to us. Then we’ll get in touch with you.

Activity Groups – Running Continuously

Yoga: Experience deep relaxation with weekly yoga aimed at beginners.


Activity Groups – Running in Blocks

Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get in touch when a class is available!

You can also keep an eye on FDAMH’s Facebook page for new opportunities that arise.

Drama and Performance: Bring out your inner performer in the safety of a supportive group.

Creative Writing: Capture your thoughts and express yourself with your own words.

Vocal Workshops – Freedom of Mind Choir: Feel the thrill of the wellbeing benefits of singing.

If you’d like to make a suggestion for a class please complete our interest form: