Drama and Performance

For: People experiencing or recovering from mental health problems. Families/unpaid carers of people with mental health issues.

About the activity:
These projects have resulted in the creation of original dramas and performances, drawn from participants’ own experiences and imaginations. Our performances often provide valuable insight for others into mental health and can help to raise awareness and tackle stigma. The groups have also enjoyed using comedy and spoken poetry. There is no pressure to perform publicly and there are opportunities for those who wish to take part in supporting, non-performance roles. Performance projects are normally supported by a professional with relevant skills e.g. drama coach, director, writer or voice coach.

Planned group in 2018: Commences Monday 15th January 2018, meeting weekly on Monday afternoons, 2-4pm, until 25th June 2018 at Falkirk Fire Station (Westfield). Very occasional evening or weekend performances.

How to join this activity:
Ask a health or social care professional that you work with (or a FDAMH staff member from a service you use) to refer you using the Activity Groups referral form on the main Activity Groups page. It is not normally possible to join a performance project once it is fully underway, therefore it is likely you will have to join a waiting list and wait for the next project to commence.

To find out more: Please contact Emily Stewart on 01324 671 607 or email Emily.