Annual Report 2014 to 2015

FDAMH’s People

Our Service Users

It is estimated that across our projects in the region of 2000 people used services at FDAMH during the year. Some of these ‘people’ actually represent supported family units. Whilst a small proportion of people require longer-term support from FDAMH, the larger proportion of these 2000 will be have been new to FDAMH and it is our aim to arm them with the skills and confidence they require to be able to continue their recovery journeys away from FDAMH, whilst always being able to return to us for support when it is needed.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are absolutely vital to FDAMH’s work and we cannot thank them enough for the time and effort that they devote on behalf of the people who use FDAMH’s services. During the year we have had 100 volunteers in roles as diverse as: befrienders, counsellors, Drop-In volunteers, Activity Group volunteers, Involvement Group members, yoga instructor, drivers, reception and administrative support, peer support, activity buddies and our Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees 2014 to 2015

During the year the following people have served on our Board:

Mr D. McClements – Chairperson
Ms C. Eaglen
Ms J. Mercer
Ms B. Couper
Mr A. MacVicar
Ms J. MacLeod
Ms L. Caven
Ms G. Falconer
Ms L. Crothers
Ms A. Aitken
Ms C. Peattie

Patrons 2014 to 2015

Dennis Canavan
Alan Bissett

Staffing 2014 to 2015

During the year the following people have served as members of staff:

Befriending Service: Mr S. Aitken, Mr D. Fowler, Ms N. Bradley, Mr R. Hutcheon
Family Support Service: Mr N. Sowerby, Ms F. Cusker, Ms L. McGonigle
Counselling Service: Ms E. Trodden
Link/Social Prescribing: Ms J. Shirra, Ms S. Watson, Ms L. Wotherspoon
Mental Health and Wellbeing Drop-In: Ms O. Wilson, Mr R. Bell, Ms J. Law, Ms M. Reap
Third Age Befriending: Ms J. Law
Service User and Carer Involvement: Ms L. McGonigle
Welfare Benefits Worker: Mr J. Niblo
Fundraising: Mr S. McCallum
Volunteer Development: Ms M. Fullard
Training: Ms D. Stewart, Ms M. MacMillan
Administration: Ms M. Reap, Ms J. Boyd, Ms H. Adamson, Ms H. MacCallum, Ms R. Stupart
Manager: Ms A. Price

(Our staff team consists of full and part-time workers. At the end of the year there were 24 members of staff.)

John Niblo is remembered with great fondness by colleagues and those he supported.