Annual Report 2014 to 2015

Our Projects

Mental Health and Wellbeing Drop-In

“I was recommended to come to the Drop-In Centre by my GP and I have found the support given has helped me cope with the stress I was under. The staff and volunteers are relaxed and easily approachable. All in all I can only be grateful to the staff and other members for their support in building my confidence”

Providing a safe and supportive environment to tackle isolation, nurture and maintain wellbeing and promote recovery.

  • 210 individuals accessed the service this year
  • Attendance continues to grow, but open access remains a priority
  • A variety of activity groups help to cater for different needs
Branching Out ProjectIn the kitchenActivity room


” I started to see things differently and for the first time in my life I felt I could trust someone. I learned that I could make my own choices in life and didn’t have to rely on other people to make them for me. I now feel hopeful about life. I am about to start my first job and I feel determined to move on.”

A talking therapy that supports individuals to bring about changes that will empower them to make positive choices.

  • 376 individuals accessed the service this year
  • 660 attended Emerging Adult Sessions – Big Lottery Funded
  • Dealing increasingly with complex, multifaceted, psychosocial issues

Family Support Service

“Up until I made contact with FDAMH I was struggling to come to terms with what was happening and unable to find anyone that would help me. Twelve months on I continue to use the tools and techniques that I have learned. I don’t know how mine and my family member’s life would be now if it wasn’t for FDAMH.”

A modern approach to ‘Carers Support’: we recognise that other members or indeed whole families may need support.

  • 258 households registered – 113 received direct support
  • 37 attendances at support groups each month
  • Mindfulness courses now added to ‘menu’ of support options

Third Age Befriending

“At first, my befriender came on the bus, and then slowly we tried me doing it myself. I go out on my own now, just because I want to or if I need to get something from town. I never left the house by myself before, never. I can do that now because of my befriender.”

Offering positive relationships to help older people who are growing isolated and in danger of developing mental health problems to re-connect with their communities.

  • 4 months funding this year – Big Lottery funding now secured
  • 11 befriendings completed and 8 commenced
  • Group activities continued and are preference for many
Big LotteryTAB Awarded FundingReminiscence Boxes


“I had no confidence, very low self-esteem and was paranoid with the world it seemed. The befriending service has been absolutely wonderful for me, my confidence is tenfold. Without it I wouldn’t be this new person ready to take on my next step of my journey”

Providing companionship to adults suffering from isolation and loneliness as a consequence of mental health problems.

  • 80 individuals accessed the service this year
  • Clients demonstrate strong improvements in wellbeing
  • 28 volunteers are key to the project’s success

Social Prescribing

“I found the service extremely helpful in both identifying and helping me deal with the issues I had. It has made a huge difference and I hope I can continue putting the tools and strategies to good use in the days and years to come”

Providing understanding, support and expertise to enable people with reduced mental wellbeing to find new ways to deal positively with issues in their lives and pursue new opportunities.

  • 350 individuals accessed the service this year
  • Holistic approach delivers best gains
  • GPs report positive impact on prescribing and appointment use
Anxiety Management Course

Immediate Help Service

“I’d like to say thank you, I needed the chance you provided to be able to freely discuss everything and to hopefully go forwards without all this anxiety and stress”

No appointment required — this service is unique, providing prompt access to an experienced worker during office hours for any adults seeking help. Unfunded, staff provide this because they consider it vital for the community.

  • 505 individuals accessed the service this year
  • More than half referred on to further support from FDAMH
  • Cases increasingly complex

Service User and Carer Involvement

“At the first meeting I came to realise not only that I had something to contribute, but also that everybody does. We all have experiences and all of them are valid. It is important that we take the opportunities to have our voices heard. There is a lot of change coming in terms of how services are provided, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get involved and I think it is a challenge I am going to enjoy”

Making sure the views of people who use mental health services are heard.

  • 12 group members plus community consultations
  • Involved in 6 regular forums and 7 consultations
  • Continuing to develop involvement opportunities for all
Involvement Group

Activity Groups

“I’ve found an outlet in writing and have joined the Media Group, made new friends and shared great moments. Six months on and I’m learning slowly to accept an anxious mind-set and to cherish myself as I cherish those around me”

Our activity groups cater for a wide variety of needs and interests. They all help to develop self-esteem and confidence and provide valuable social interaction.

  • 85 people regularly attended groups
  • Women’s Group has 66 regular attendees
  • Film Group new this year
Mosaic-makingMedia GroupWomen's Group

Volunteer Support and Development

“Donating time to FDAMH not only provides me with opportunities to engage with active citizenship, gain education, skills and experience; it enables the service to reach out to many more people who require support in their recovery. By volunteering with FDAMH you make a significant positive difference to the lives of those who use the service”

Volunteers are integral to many of FDAMH’s services and they provide a mutually beneficial role that deserves proper support and recognition.

  • 98 active volunteers supporting FDAMH’s work
  • 17 new volunteers successfully completed induction training
  • FDAMH’s first major event celebrating volunteers held this year
Volunteer CelebrationVolunteer

Building Resilience Project

“I interviewed a client with suicidal thoughts, arranged GP appointment and signposted to external support organisation, prior to training I could never have dealt with this situation”

This partnership project was developed to equip council employees and key third sector partners with the skills to support benefit claimants with complex needs more effectively.

  • 466 staff and volunteers trained
  • Improved skills generating better engagement and outcomes for claimants
  • Scottish Government regard as a ‘star’ project

Training and Education

“I went from being an emotional mess to someone who could enjoy life and relax. I was so low I was off work for seven months, I had tried everything and nothing worked. I started the course doubtful and walked away positive and less stressed. I was amazed. I am so glad I did it. It is now part of my daily life and my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner”

Training is important in all areas of FDAMH’s work, whether it be to improve self-management, reduce ignorance and stigma, increase understanding or educate our volunteers, our training reaches far and wide across the community.

  • 235 students this year
  • Mindfulness and COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills new this year
  • Bespoke training delivered in schools and further education


If you’d like more detail our full Projects’ Report gives a comprehensive breakdown of project activity and evaluation in 2014 to 2015.