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Family Support

If you or someone in your family is experiencing difficulties in relation to mental ill health our Family Support Service could help.We understand that when a person is diagnosed with a mental illness they are not the only ones affected; partners, spouses, siblings, and carers can all be in need of support. Family members are sometimes worried that their entire family will be judged or discriminated against. Families may be cut off from the social support they would otherwise expect when a relative is, for example, physically ill.

We know that providing support for family members caring for loved ones with a mental illness improves outcomes for all concerned. Our service gives families direct access to a support worker offering an understanding and knowledge of mental illness, helping reduce stress and anxiety whilst building upon resilience.

What’s on Offer?

The project offers a wide range of support to families:

  • Support and information to individuals and families to increase their awareness of mental ill health for adults and children, whilst assisting in reducing the levels of stress being experienced.
  • Information appropriate to children’s stage of development.
  • Assistance for families and individuals to build on their own strengths and encourage the development of positive coping strategies.
  • Encouragement for individuals/families to reduce isolation and promote social inclusion and participation in family and community life.
  • Improvements to family functioning and communication by promoting choice and positive change.
  • Signposting to other services relevant to your needs.
  • Information on families’ and carers’ rights.
  • Individual, group and peer support opportunities.

This service is, confidential, free and available to all families in the Falkirk and District area who require support.

Interested In Using This Service?

Access to the service can be on a self-referral basis or by other workers such as a G.P, social worker, CPN, Psychiatrist or key worker by contacting the service directly or completing a referral form using the links on the right.

Join Our Groups

As well working individually with carers and families we offer regular support groups for carers and twice a year we run our very successful Carers Education Course. For more information on these please follow the links on the right.

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