Family Support Referral Guidance

FDAMH have developed the Family Support Service (FSS) from the previous Carer Support service to meet the needs of the whole family. The FSS consists of two experienced members of staff, one full-time and one part-time.

The Family Support Service acknowledges that families can play a vital part in an individual’s experience of mental ill health. However, sometimes without support, advice and understanding of an illness and its effects on a family, the family structure has the potential to breakdown.

Our aim is to work on a voluntary basis with adults within the family unit by assisting parents, carers and other family members to have a better understanding of each other’s needs associated with mental health issues. Individuals with mental health concerns will be central to all partnership working.

Our focus on partnership working recognises the importance of ensuring that people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play an active role in planning their own care and self-managing their condition to a level they feel comfortable with and can manage with the minimal of support.

A person’s expertise and knowledge about how their condition affects them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually will be a key focus in the planning and delivery of support which meets family and individual needs.

Please note that there is no age limit for people contacting the service although we do not directly work with children. If necessary we can refer children to relevant organisations, who are recognised as having the requisite competences in child care.

What will the family support service do?

  • We will promote services which are tailored to meet the family’s needs and address individual circumstances, while supporting to improve family relationships and their participation in community life.
  • Assist individuals and families in developing effective communication which will assist and improve how they work together as a family.
  • Encourage the improvement of emotional health and wellbeing of families and the people who care, while promoting good mental health.
  • Assist in the prevention of unnecessary hardship through early involvement from the family support or other services within the organisation.
  • Provide information and advice on carer and family rights.
  • Promote links and establish referral routes between existing specialist family support services.
  • Encourage family members to access local and national specialist resources.
  • Establish links with local generic groups that can advise and support on financial and practical assistance for carers
  • Give individual support using a care/ recovery plan approach based on a comprehensive assessment of family members needs.

For further information please contact the FSS staff at Falkirk Association for Mental Health (FDAMH).