Employee Counselling Service

Counselling Room

Our Employee Counselling Service (ECS) provides dedicated professional counselling and assistance to employers and employees.

Information for Employers

Why provide employee counselling?
Reduced productivity and absenteeism due to stress and other mental health related issues costs the UK economy nearly £23.5bn each year. It has been reported that the annual price of stress, anxiety and depression to British employers is around £1,200 per employee. In addition to lost productivity, the cost of failing to appropriately support employees can result in higher than necessary staff turnover placing an additional financial burden on companies and organisations.

What are the benefits of offering your staff counselling and support?
Employee counselling can help individuals, managers and organisations to:

  • Cope with work-related and personal problems and challenges that impact on performance at work.
  • Improve productivity and workplace efficiency.
  • Decrease work-related accidents.
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention.
  • Reduce grievances.
  • Improve staff morale, commitment, motivation and resilience.
  • Demonstrate a caring attitude to employees.
  • Help businesses to meet their legal duty of care obligations and reduce the likelihood of expensive stress related personal injury claims.

How much will it cost?
Most companies offer their employees up to a maximum of 6 x 1 hour sessions paid for by their company. Sessions are usually offered on a weekly basis but this can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual / company where necessary. We have a simple fixed charge of £40 per session.

About our service
The Counselling Service at FDAMH is accredited by COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy Scotland) and provides a professional and confidential service to individuals over the age of sixteen years.

  • Individual Counselling through the Employment Counselling Service is provided by a large team of fully qualified, paid counsellors.
  • All counsellors attend regular, professional external supervision to help support them in their work within the organisation.
  • We offer a very pleasant environment in our purpose built centre with dedicated counselling rooms.
  • We can offer counselling for a broad range of issues including bereavement, stress, anxiety disorders, depression or any other personal issues that are affecting an individual’s quality of life and work performance.
  • Sessions are offered during the day on weekdays and on Wednesday evenings
  • We can offer bespoke training courses to employers / employee groups wishing to increase their knowledge of mental health and wellbeing.

Our commitment to employers

  • Following receipt of a referral, your employee will be offered an initial assessment within 10 working days.
  • Our counsellors will assess an individual’s suitability and commitment to embark on counselling. If counselling is not recommended alternatives will be discussed with your employee.
  • Notification of the recommended course of action will be issued to you within 5 working days of the appointment.
  • If, following assessment, counselling is recommended, you will receive a monthly attendance record and invoice.