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Embracing new challenges with the Media Group

I first started attending FDAMH with Jane the Link Worker, she came with me to the Next Step group which I thoroughly enjoy.

From there she introduced me to the Media Group, sitting in the room while I was there. After some time I felt able to be in the room with the other people in the group. I found it a bit difficult when new people started coming, they then started to bring other people with mental health problems to the group as well, I really was not in my comfort zone, but unlike other times when I felt uncomfortable in a group I did not run out, that was because I enjoyed it and knew that if I left then the only person to lose out was me.

It was difficult at first but after a couple of weeks I had become used to them and we were starting to talk. Now we are all a group who care for each other.

Not long after that we started to do some drama, I went along to join in the exercises, although I thought I would not take part, but I would like to help in the background. After a couple of weeks the play was written with a part for me and I felt I could not let the group down by not taking part.

Because of this I have gained confidence in talking, and have had to face my fear of people with the help of the group. We did art too and yet again I found that I was more able than I had given myself credit for, that particular piece now has pride of place in my room.

I am looking forward to whatever the group does next, I am sure that it will continue to stretch me to help me to make the most of life

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26/05/2014 at 7:30 pm

Befriending helps to rebuild enthusiasm for life

I am 44 and suffer from Bi-Polar and IBS and so had gradually withdrawn myself away from society.

My befriender has given my confidence a tremendous boost and I now get out more. Certainly the more I stayed in, the fear of going out increased.

We have a lot in common and get on really well. I am so glad my CPN, Grace Watson from Westbank, encouraged me to be considered for befriending.

I have had my befriender for a year and have really enjoyed my time with her and feel my mood and general enthusiasm for life have improved.

I’d recommend befriending to anyone who, like me, had become pretty isolated.

Received: February 2014

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26/05/2014 at 7:24 pm

Anxiety Management Course

FDAMH’s Anxiety Management Course runs over a number of weeks, taking an holistic approach and offering a wide selection of techniques to help people identify what works best for them.

A student says:
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it extremely helpful and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. We were given plenty of information to take with us and look back on. The mindfulness and the alternative therapies classes were extremely informative and relaxing. My only criticism is that I felt the course was not long enough and I would have benefited from having it extended.”


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27/11/2013 at 6:17 pm

Yoga for a calmer and better place

Since I started the yoga class at Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health I have found that it has helped with my fitness and that it also relaxes me. I’ve got lots of things going on in my life at the moment and the yoga class acts as a stress reliever for me. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go to a yoga class anywhere else because of my anxieties but because I attend FDAMH it has given me the confidence to go to the yoga. I don’t feel self conscious and can really enjoy the class. It has made a great difference to my joints and I am able to walk a further distance due to it. It leaves me in a calmer and better place when I have been to the class and I am so thankful it started.

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26/11/2013 at 9:16 pm

A recovery journey with FDAMH

I was recently asked this question what does FDAMH mean to you my answer is so totally simple – everything.

Several years ago I was made redundant after serving 40 years in various junior and senior management positions. The effect this had on my life was indescribable I just went into total emotional melt down, I spent the first two years isolating myself in my own home not wanting to speak or see anyone, I never even went beyond my front own door. I could never put into words how black life felt for me at that time.

I was eventually persuaded by my family to see my local GP, he in turn referred me to my local hospital psychiatric department for treatment and after receiving over two years of intense counselling I slowly started to get my life back together. It was decided by the hospital consultants it was time for me to try to get back into a more out door social environment.

My hospital consultant made contact for me with a local help centre called FDAHM this was the first time in more than 4 years I had ventured out into the public domain. On my first day I was welcomed with open arms by the very friendly staff and volunteer members at the FDAHM centre they were so good to me. I was very gently introduced to other members of the drop in group.

One of the first things I noticed about the FDAMH centre and at that time it was so very important to me was I was never made to feel I had to stay there or partake in any group activities. It was so important and reassuring to me at that time knowing that I could come and go and join in as and when I pleased. After the first few weeks of attending the day centre and mainly due to the kind and understanding staff members I slowly started to get my confidence back and started joining in with the many group activities spending a little longer with each time I was there.

After attending the day centre for a short while I asked a member of staff would it be possible for me to receive one to one counselling has I was still finding it hard to deal with my worries and feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. Over a two years period at the FDAHM centre I received two twelve weekly therapy sessions, each of these sessions were of a tremendous help to me giving me both the strength expand my new found confidence and also helping me to feel that I could go on to put my past broken life back on track.

I have always felt even from my early days at the day centre how can I help to repay their kindness. I owe so much to FDAMH and its fabulous full time and most generous volunteering staff, for with their help and understanding they have helped me to turn my life around.

Last year I was asked at the centre if I would like to consider taking part in a short volunteer training course at the centre, I said that I would be very happy to attend. I was thinking that maybe this could be a way of not only helping myself getting back some of my own self-belief but I could also in some little way give help and support to the other day centre drop in group members.I completed this excellent training course which I found to be most interesting and informative.

I have now for several months been running a weekly family history and genealogy group within FDAMH. The members of my group love talking about the old times, it’s a great way to get them communicating to each other, they also love finding old family photos and genealogical records and sharing family history details with each other. I have also found that my family research group is a great way to getting older group members interested in using computers some for the first time, they may find it slow going at first, put are quickly delighted when they find some interesting family details via the Google search engine system.

FDAMH thank you so much for helping me to find my own self confidence and self-belief.


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26/11/2013 at 9:12 pm

My life is different because of the Link Service

After I left hospital and the Mental Health Home Team had finished visiting me I was left, possibly no worse, but certainly no better than I had been when I entered the hospital. Isolated and alone I felt no hope, only despair. I was no better equipped to deal with the outside world than I had been.

Fortunately I had been referred to a psychologist who in turn referred me to FDAMH. There I spoke to Jane, who treated me with such insight, compassion and understanding that I found the strength to attempt to rebuild my life.

I was encouraged to join the Link Service where I attended a course on anxiety and depression. There I began to understand not only what was happening with me, but more importantly for me, that I wasn’t alone. I met people, people just like me experiencing the same debilitating fears and difficulties.

From there I was given the opportunity to join the Next Steps Programme where Marguerite with her tremendous energy and enthusiasm for life made me see that there is a world out there to discover and enjoy and opportunities to be had.

Early on Jane told me that things would never be the same for me. My life would be different. I would be different. Which didn’t mean that things had to be worse they could even be better. A concept I treated with scepticism. Now I understand exactly what Jane was saying. My life is different, I am different. A whole new world has opened up for me. A world I am thankful to be part of and which grows wider and more rewarding with each passing day.

Without FDAMH and the Link Service I have no idea where I’d be today or even if I would be. Through the contact and the opportunities offered to me I am now rebuilding my life not only within FDAMH but outwith, re-establishing contact with friends and family, no longer isolating myself. This new found confidence has enabled me to become involved in volunteering within FDAMH and with each day I find my ability to enjoy and participate in life increasing.


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26/11/2013 at 8:42 pm