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A bit more special than your average course

COSCA Counselling Skills Course feedback…
“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the COSCA Skills course to those considering it. It can be hard work learning about yourself, in fact it can be downright tiring some weeks, but the self-awareness and understanding gained is well worth it. It was also surprisingly fun, with unexpected friends made within the whole group. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and each week I was able to apply the learning to my own life, and to practice these new skills at work and in every day interactions with people.
After completing the course I certainly feel I have new skills and understanding, which has improved my practice at work, but a fantastic tutor coupled with the laughs and personal insight gained along the way make it something a bit more special than your average course.”

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03/11/2016 at 12:05 pm

Great personal development in volunteering with FDAMH

On a personal level I am very happy volunteering with FDAMH. There is great support, personal and emotional and great training. After my initial training I was equipped to go into the role. The training was valid and relevant to the volunteering role and situations you may find.

On a professional level I really like the extended training opportunities, there are many areas of training and it gives me an insight into other areas that I can bring to my own work or other areas that I may work in, in the future. It also gives me new connections to people. The training gives me a better perspective of how the healthcare system works and also how professionals work with each other, linking their work. I am able to see what type of issues there are and who to contact.

In my work I deal with a lot of students. They ask a lot of questions about expectations of work and volunteering. Because of all the training I am able to give direction and information and it has helped raise my confidence as I am able to give accurate information.

Since I started volunteering with TAB I have noticed an improvement in my befriendee, their confidence is building and is more positive. We both enjoy our meetings very much.

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15/09/2016 at 2:05 pm

Carers Mindfulness Course – My scepticism was misplaced

This is a sample of the feedback we’ve received on our Carers Mindfulness Course. The course receives excellent feedback and demonstrates high levels of significant improvement using the outcome measure CORE-10.

Have there been changes in your knowledge since starting the course?
If so, what have these changes been?

I have a greater knowledge of different ways of think about and respond to situations. This has given rise to an increased awareness in less helpful thinking styles and when I tend to resort to these. In such instances, this knowledge and awareness sometimes allows me to make choices about my responses far more so than was the case previously. Rather than stepping back from a situation I feel that I am simply viewing it from a slightly different perspective — not engaging with it any less, just is a way that is better for me.

Have there been changes in your attitude since starting the course?
I suppose only in relation to external and larger scale cultural ‘norms’. My attitude towards the more westernised target orientated and performance driven existence has probably shifted somewhat — I guess insofar as I subscribe to this less and less as a driver for my own work, life and development.

Have there been changes in your behaviour since starting the course?
Here, I would say that I am trying more to take time to engage with mindfulness and with undertaking tasks in a more mindful way. I am structuring my time and prioritising things slightly differently and this may yet change further as I develop practices further. Physically, I feel less stressed and more resilient which would seem to be reflected in my pace, urgency and approach to things within my home and work life.

What did you find most helpful about coming on the course?
There are two big parts to this. Firstly, being able to look at, understand and trial the mindfulness practices and approaches for myself. It is something I want to explicitly continue to develop and find myself viewing everyday occurrences in a more mindful way. These tools and strategy, as an outcome to this course, are and (I am sure) will continue to be helpful to me. The second part is that I was able to explore this with other people — share, discuss and reflect on experiences. This process not only helped to understand the different ways in which other people engaged with the practices, but — in doing so — helped me to make better sense of how I was understanding and responding to thigs in my own head (even if this was to discover my acute vacancy on several occasions — Lynne would see that as no great shock!!). The people there provided a very supportive and trusting group — this was invaluable to me.

How did you experience the trainer.
Excellent, as was her glamorous assistant and Neil. In all honesty, I through she was superb and balanced input with time to comment and reflect in an entirely supportive and non-judgemental way. She was able to tease out different aspects of peoples experiences and drew pertinent connections throughout to dimensions of the mindfulness practice. Her guidance through meditations was excellent.

What did you find least helpful?
I sense that this is a trick question to see how mindful I have really become!!! In all seriousness, I don’t think there was anything unhelpful about it. Even the change of location (which could be perceived as more negative for me in some ways) was simply part of the overall experience.

Any other comments/suggestions?
I knew I wanted to do mindfulness but, hand on heart, was sceptical about what I thought it might offer me. I am quite happy to know now how misplaced my scepticism was.

With many thanks.

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29/01/2016 at 9:23 am

Mindfulness – Our Journey

Chris and Lawson share their experience of one of FDAMH’s mindfulness courses…

“Our lives contained stresses and anxieties due to both of our personal circumstances. Over the past few years we have explored individually and jointly various ways of combating the stresses and anxieties that had become a significant part of our daily lives.

These ways included CBT and Stress Management which although helpful and educational, did not provide solutions to the issues we were experiencing.

We had heard a bit about a Mindfulness in the media and thought it may be helpful to us. Earlier this year we went to see Ruby Wax’s show about Mindfulness which gave us an insight into the techniques used, which spurred us on to look for a local course.

Later in the year we were fortunate to find the FDAMH course and after a chat with Neil Sowerby enrolled for this in the Autumn of 2015.

During the first couple of weeks on the course we realised that we had begun to discover the benefits of using breathing and other types of meditation to acquire the ability to gain a real understanding of what our bodies were feeling and how to accept what was going on around us. This in turn developed to seeking out the capacity to be kind to ourselves, which was something that most people attending the course had had difficulties with.

Finally, this course provided a safe environment in which to practice these meditation techniques and discuss our experiences with a group of people who we were comfortable with. This became an experience that we looked forward to every week.

The 8-week course has been very beneficial to us and we would have no hesitation in recommending this to others.”

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14/12/2015 at 3:57 pm

Counselling Skills Course surpasses expectations

I initially set out to complete the COSCA Counselling Skills course in order to develop my communication skills and gain a better understanding of how to effectively listen and respond to those who want someone to talk to.

The course has overall surpassed my expectations — there is an effective balance of skills practice, knowledge and theory and also exploration of your own self-awareness and ethics. Participating in the course allows you to develop these skills in a safe and encouraging environment, supported by a tutor and a group of people that you quickly bond with.

I feel that my knowledge has increased substantially over the last year, particularly in terms of being more aware of the different counselling approaches, the ethics and code of conduct that should be integrated in to counselling practice and some of the life issues which may be why someone seeks counselling. I have found that I now feel comfortable to actively listen and respond when in a situation that may require the use of counselling skills. In terms of self-awareness, I feel that there has been a significant change in my confidence and belief in myself which has encouraged me to make a few positive changes in my life.

I would recommend the course for anyone wanting to know more about how to effectively communicate and listen to others, whether it is for a career change or just to learn more about yourself and be able to offer support to someone who would benefit from having someone truly listen to them.

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08/06/2015 at 12:03 pm

COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills

I was delighted to start the COSCA course in FDAMH last year. One of the reasons being, that it was on my doorstep, so it made it a lot easier for me to commit to the course and fit it around my work and family. I would not have had the time to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh, and I knew that I was ready to study, so this was the best and perfect option for me.

My main reason for taking the course was to improve on my skills and to increase my confidence with clients, who I work with every day as a support worker. I think I wanted to reassure myself that I was offering them the best possible support/service.

Well, the course has definitely ticked all the boxes and more. Yes, we learned counselling skills and practice, as it is a process. And we gained confidence through practice.

Many other unexpected things have come from this, we have a tight knit group. There is a lot of trust and respect within the group. We have discovered a lot about ourselves, and have felt safe enough to share these insights with each other.

The facilitator is highly skilled, she guides us through all the different topics with great skill and gives us regular support and feedback on our progression.

Now we have come to the last module, we all feel a bit sad that in a number of weeks it will be completed. We are determined though to keep in touch, as we have made some unique and special friendships which have helped us learn and grow together in a supportive environment.

Provided May 2015

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01/06/2015 at 1:46 pm