Experience – Phobia

From Link Service to Befriending to college

I was referred to the Link Service by my Psychologist who, after doing lots of work with me on my fear of lots of things, felt that I needed more support to talk about these things and help me to think about my future, to get a life free from all my fears.

The Link Worker talked to me about lots of things – what was holding me back, what I would love to do with my life and the steps needed to get me moving in the right direction. At first I thought it was really hard because I had hidden myself away in the house for so long but gradually we managed to make a plan! I had homework!

I needed to start seeing my friends again so I forced myself to make contact with them and very soon I was back having our Friday night girl’s night at each others houses which I used to love and missed. I was so scared but did not need to be as they were so supportive, I felt great. One of my friends helped me to start using the buses again and I started to walk a wee bit further with my dog, all of the time feeling very anxious, but this was my homework and I understand what Jane was saying, that I had to feel this anxiety, work through it and yes, she was right, nothing bad happened, in fact I felt better.

I found the confidence to take driving lessons, my mum and dad couldn’t believe it, I was starting to get a life. My dream was to go to college and eventually get a job with children, I never thought I would be able to do this but with the support of the Link Service I took the next step to get there. I put my application form in to the college, me and Jane went to the college to find out more information about the courses available and met with a Learning Advisor who reassured me that I would be supported if I got a place on the course. The college was huge, I was really nervous but it was good to be there, I was getting nearer to my dream, so exciting.

Eventually we got the letter saying I had been accepted on to the course, I was so happy, at last I was living my life like all my other friends but there is still work to be done. Jane referred me to the Befriending Service here at FDAMH so that I could gain more confidence about using the buses before my course starts in August, my new befriender is lovely, she supports me with going on the buses and I am gradually gaining in confidence.

I can’t wait to get to college in August, thank you!

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25/11/2013 at 7:19 pm