Experience – Students at FDAMH

Completing a student placement at FDAMH

During my time as a student at FDAMH I have been amazed and humbled by the eagerness of service users, staff and volunteers to welcome me as a valued addition to the organisation. The contribution that FDAMH makes, not only in supporting those experiencing mental ill health, but also in challenging the stigma that they face is outstanding. I feel very privileged to have spent my placement year here and I have taken mental health to my heart due to the fantastic example set by the team.

The support does not stop with the staff and volunteers, as all members of the FDAMH community are supportive of each other. When I first arrived, I likened the atmosphere in the centre to that of a group of friends meeting for a cup of tea and a chat. I now firmly believe that it’s more than that. FDAMH is a shining example of a family! I am very grateful for the support I have received while studying for my HNC, and I consider this placement to have provided invaluable, practical experience that could never have been learned from a book.

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28/05/2014 at 11:14 am

Varied work and great support for trainee counsellors

The following is a little bit about my experience as a FDAMH volunteer trainee Psychotherapist.

I have had a wide range of clients coming from various backgrounds both male and female, who vary in age. The majority of my clients have been middle aged although I have had some younger and older clients also.

I feel the clients have been reasonably well matched to my current ability and level of expertise. I feel Liz takes time to find out how I am progressing through my training and if I feel competent with the type of client’s I have referred to me. I am very happy with the level of support our counselling coordinator, Liz, gives. She is extremely helpful and offers support around client work. I feel able to share my concerns and success with Liz, I feel she takes me seriously and offers good practical advice and support. I don’t feel pressure to get everything right, she displays a lot of compassion and caring. In my opinion she models a good ethical working style ensuring our clients get the best possible service and I as the therapist take care of my needs also.

The training I have attended, in my opinion, has been of a very high standard and well organised. The training events are well publicised and I am made to feel more than welcome to attend. The one I most enjoyed was the workshop about self-harming, I feel I gained a lot of understanding about the process a person who self-harms goes through and how to work with that type of client.

My experience at FDAMH has been enjoyable, the staff are friendly, there is a good atmosphere within the building, the reception seems to work well. I like the open door policy, I feel able to approach other members of staff, the place seems to run well with lots of opportunities for staff members and the general public. Overall I have a very high opinion of the work and service we all provide as an organisation.

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26/11/2013 at 9:23 pm