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Fresh Activities Timetable in 2018

Drama Group starts 15th January

Emily has been busy planning the activities programme for 2018. We’re delighted to be bringing you a new Drama Group commencing in January which will run for around 6 months. Our very successful choir will be continuing to meet every week on Wednesday afternoons. We also have Drawing Groups and Creative Writing Groups planned to take place during the year. If you’re interested in joining in with any of these activities please ask for a referral from the FDAMH service that you are currently using, or alternatively if you are not using services at FDAMH please get in touch with Emily directly (01324 671600 or

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22/12/2017 at 8:55 am

Last catch of the year

Trout fishing at Glenbervie

As November drew to a close, our Fishing Group enjoyed a beautiful day out at Glenbervie for the final fishing meet of 2017. Some new younger members gave the “oldies” a run for their money and caught the first fish of the day. This is a great little group, with the older more experienced fishers passing on their knowledge to the younger ones that are new to fishing. They even persuaded volunteer Michelle to cast a line out for the first time. Michelle cast over the bait pond, straight into the fly pond! That’s some right arm, Michelle.

The trips out are a good opportunity for socialising, picking up new skills and getting a good lungful of crisp fresh air. You just can’t beat it! The ever expanding group will be meeting in January to plan the itinerary for 2018. Thanks to volunteers Jim, Ivo, Michelle and Dan for their help and support throughout 2017.

If you’d like to find out more about our Fishing Group please contact Julie at FDAMH.

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01/12/2017 at 11:01 am

Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert

Come and enjoy a festive treat, just a few days before Christmas, from the Freedom of Mind Choir! Everyone is invited to the Choir’s Christmas Concert in the Trinity Church Sanctuary on Tuesday 19th December at 7pm.
Adult tickets are only £3 and children go free.
Tickets are available from FDAMH’s reception, or email Emily Stewart

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08/11/2017 at 3:53 pm

Art at the Fire Station

Art Exhibition

Take an afternoon pause at the Falkirk Fire Station on Thursday 31st August to see an exhibition of work by our latest Art Group.

This exhibition showcases a collection of work completed by the group who have been attending an Art course run by FDAMH at the Falkirk Fire Station for the last 6 months. The class have been honing their skills and have grown in ability over the last few months sketching a wide variety of subjects from still life to portraiture and are excited to present their work to the public. We hope to raise awareness of Mental health in the community and promote how the Arts can help positive wellbeing and recovery.

The event will take place for one day only on Thursday the 31st of August from 2-5pm, we hope to see you there!

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22/08/2017 at 10:18 am

Are you into film making?

Call to filmakers poster

The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF) are looking for film makers to submit their work for the SMHAFF film event that will be running on the 16th of October in Falkirk.

You must have direct experience of using FDAMH’s services to take part and your work should not be longer than 10 minutes.

The deadline for submissions is 11th September.

If you would like a submission form or more information please contact Emily at FDAMH on 01324 671600 or email Emily

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24/07/2017 at 11:40 am

Life’s beauty captured by our latest Gallery Artist

Artworks by Lisa Paterson

Our lastest featured Artist is Lisa Paterson. Lisa’s work comments on her imagination as a child and expresses her love for the beauty and colour she sees in the world.

Lisa talks openly about her anxiety and schizophrenia. Being only 18, she has struggled with poor mental health through school and found it hard to express her emotions.

“At the age of 14 I started slipping in to depression, no one understood what was wrong with me, not even I. My first experience with a child phycologist left me worse and I ended up missing 2 years of school. I went through 2 private counsellors and finally a Psychiatrist who prescribed me with medication. This calmed most of my anxiety and finally I started recovering. I no longer suffer with depression but my anxiety and schizophrenia are still apparent and I struggle with self-harm and panic attacks.”

Lisa says that through Art she feels able to express herself. “My art is my happy place. It is my passion and I am excited to share a piece of my soul with you.”

Lisa also takes part in the FDAMH drama group and has been the props director for the last year. Lisa hopes to continue her Art work and share her visions of beauty with more people in the community.

You can enjoy Lisa’s lovely exhibition in FDAMH’s gallery space over the coming weeks.

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17/07/2017 at 3:38 pm