Health & Wellbeing Drop-In

Health and Wellbeing Drop-In

Our Drop-In service offers a friendly, supportive and safe place for you to come along and have a chat and a coffee. You will also be able to participate in a variety of activities and self-management courses. If you have any worries or questions then you can discuss these on a one-to-one basis with a member of staff. There will always be someone around to spend time with you whatever your concerns!

How the Service Works

Drop-In is open to people aged 16 and over living in the Falkirk District who are experiencing or recovering from mental health problems.

Before you begin to use Drop-In you will be invited to attend and informal assessment with one of our workers. This meeting will help you find out if this is the most appropriate service for you and what the service offers. We will also talk about the sorts of things you’d like to achieve by attending.

When you start to attend we will make sure that someone is available to show you around. If you feel uncomfortable about coming along on your own, either to the initial assessment or when you first use the service, you can bring a friend, worker or relative with you.

Drop-In is open:
10am to 4pm Monday
10.30am to 4pm Wednesday
10am to 3pm on Friday
Within the times above, we will agree set days and times with you when you can join us.

Drop-In offers group activities and self-management courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our staff will let you know about activities and courses you might benefit from. You can also find out more about the group activities on offer to anyone using our services via our ‘Activities’ and ‘Personal Development’ links on the home page photo menu.

The Centre is very much service user led and focussed. You will have the opportunity to join in with a variety of fun, social and relaxing activities in the centre! Take a look at the ‘events’ to find out more. If you don’t want to become involved in any of these activities then there is always the opportunity to simply chat with others.

Our Drop-In service users have devised their own set of rules that explain what is expected of both service users and staff. These simple rules ensure that Drop-In continues to be a happy place for all who use it. You can also attend the monthly service user led meeting but there is no pressure on you to do so. We just like the idea of trying to get everyone involved in what goes on within the Centre!