Social Prescribing Service

Social Prescribing Service

The Social Prescribing Service aims to promote recovery and self-management. Social Prescribing is a short-term intervention, of up to 5 hour-long sessions and is aimed at those experiencing reduced mental wellbeing. This service is accessed by referral from GPs at participating practices and FDAMH’s Initial Assessment Practitioner via our Immediate Help Service.

Social Prescribing aids in the recovery process by supporting people who have become isolated, or who are at risk of isolation, as a result of experiencing mental health problems.The service provides one-to-one support on recovery-focused techniques and tools to self-manage, helping people to take control of their lives and develop the confidence to explore new opportunities. The service also offers further opportunities to participate in group-based personal development activities.

Social Prescribing aims to:

  • provide the tools and techniques to self-manage and build resilience;
  • reduce isolation;
  • promote social inclusion by enabling a transition to community resources, promoting a sense of belonging;
  • provide more opportunities for social contact, learning, volunteering employment;
  • improve health and well-being;
  • increase confidence and self-esteem;
  • improve motivation and interest in life in general;
  • work in partnership with GPs and primary care services.

The Social Prescribing Project is free of charge, although contributions may be required for personal development activities.