Supporting you during the Covid-19 pandemic

What’s happening at FDAMH just now?

All of our services have continued to operate throughout lockdown online or by telephone.

We are now working towards welcoming clients back to the centre in accordance with recommended safety standards. This will, of course, be subject to ongoing guidance from government. We will focus the reopening of face-to-face services on people who are unable to take part in services remotely. For other clients, for the time being we will continue to provide services remotely wherever possible and we have been pleased at how successfully this is working for those taking part.

Our Immediate Help Service continues to be available as a first point of contact if you are in distress or are seeking help for your mental health. Whilst we continue to support people through a wide-range of issues, you are, of course, able to contact us due to distress caused by the Covid-19 situation. This service is normally delivered by phone.

Other one-to-one services at FDAMH use a mixture of telephone and online calls to deliver support to you, depending on your preferences. Education and social/activity groups have moved to online environments wherever possible.

We recognise this remote style of service delivery might not suit you, but we still urge you to get in touch so that we have your details ready for face-to-face services reopening – you may even find the initial contact with us helpful.

Refer yourself or someone else using our online forms.
Or call us on 01324 671 600 during office hours.

Our favourite resources to help you during the Covid-19 pandemic

Get Self Help

This site offers a wide array of self-help resources based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) principles. They’ve put together a special page on the pandemic with links to resources you might find particularly helpful at this time.

Ready Scotland

Scotland’s Emergency website provides plenty of advice and information about the pandemic as well as linking you to other important resources.

National Assistance Helpline

If you have no one who is able to help you access essentials like food and medicine, you can call the NATIONAL ASSISTANCE HELPLINE. Call on 0800 111 4000. You can pass this number on to someone you are supporting or call on their behalf Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm. Please remember this helpline is dedicated to helping those who cannot leave their home and who cannot get help online.

Young Scot

A great roundup of Coronavirus-related resources from YoungScot, along with some activities and challenges to help get you through the pandemic.


If you are under 19 you can get in touch with Childline confidentially to access their support and advice services. Their website also has some great  interactive tools for young people to use along with lots of information about wellbeing and imaginative, fun ideas for managing mood and anxiety.

CAMHS Resources

A great round-up of all sorts of mental health resources for children and young people, not just websites, but apps, books and videos along with resources specific to helping with a child’s anxieties during the pandemic. Helpful for parents or carers supporting a young person.


Silverline is a helpline for older people and may be particularly helpful for older people feeling isolated at this time.


The Campaign Against Living Miserably is a UK organisation working to reduce suicide. The site has lots of useful information and some helpful tools to help you cope with all sorts of issues and the pandemic.


A special Coronavirus information hub with links to mental health information and good signposting to sources of support.


Helpful relationship advice to help you during lockdown and social distancing.

Free Mindfulness Course

Get started with Mindfulness with this 28-day Mindfulness learning programme, each daily exercise is only about 10 minutes.

More resources and sources of help

You can find more resources curated by FDAMH here including helplines and local support organisations:

In Our Community

Find Online Help