Certificate in Counselling Skills

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The COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills has been upgraded to SCQF Level 8!

Broaden your horizon

What are counselling skills?
Counselling skills are advanced interpersonal and communication skills. You will learn to listen and communicate effectively with verbal and non-verbal skills such as summarising, asking questions in a helpful way, and attending and responding to the speaker.

As you learn you will also go on a journey of personal insight and self-discovery.

Who is the course for?
The Certificate in Counselling Skills is for anybody who wants to improve their understanding of other people as well as themselves. By developing more effective communication and better understanding, counselling skills can enhance the quality of your personal relationships and improve your workplace performance.

This course is useful and practical, whether you are a professional or volunteer, a carer or helper, a sales person, a parent or a manager or someone wishing to pursue career development.

What is involved?

You will learn to:

  • Support others by developing practical listening skills.
  • Study the use of body language, and speak effectively while others listen.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • Build relationships with others.
  • Understand the concepts of counselling and counselling skills.
  • Find out more about ethics and how to listen to and support others.

How will I be assessed?
Trainees will need to demonstrate competence in the learning outcomes of each module before proceeding to the next. Assessment includes submission of a written assignment and observation by the trainer while working with other course members.

What kind of qualification will I get?…..
FDAMH is COSCA validated and you will receive the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills if you successfully complete all four modules.

…..And what can I do with it?
The Certificate has helped many people to improve their work performance, professional or personal relationships. For those wishing to train as a professional counsellor, the Certificate is recommended as a platform for further study e.g. a Diploma in Counselling.

The Certificate in Counselling Skills can be useful when applying for further courses and for jobs that demand that applicants have met certain educational standards. COSCA’s Certificate in Counselling Skills has been awarded 40 SCQF credits at SCQF level 8. See www.scqf.org.uk for information.

How much time will it take?
The course consists of four modules, each comprising 30 hours of formal instruction and a further 12 hours of private study. Instruction takes place at evenings, daytime and/or weekends. In our one-year course modules work out at one evening per week plus occasional weekends and for our 6-month course modules require 2 evenings per week plus occasional weekends.

How much will it cost?
The overall course fee is £1250. A deposit of £312.50 is required upon acceptance of the course within 48 hours.  The remainder of the balance payable in advance of the course starting. PLEASE NOTE: Payment plans are available on request.

Need to know more?
Our Course Details page provides further detail on the courses, including timetables.
For an informal discussion, please contact Julie Law,  on 01324 671600. You will also find further details on COSCA’s website – see link on this page.

How do I apply?
Please visit our Course Details page where you can download an application form.

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