The Social Spark

Let The Social Spark get you connected!

Did you know being social and having friends is a great way to boost to your mental wellbeing?

We offer small group activities, a short term buddy service and one-to-one befriending to pop you on the path to a better social life and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

We support people aged 16+  who either have been affected by poor mental health or are lonely and isolated due to illness or a life-changing event.

It may be that a person has experienced significant life changes eg. Loss of a close friend or partner, retirement, family moving away or simply lost the ‘art’ of making friends. Alternatively, someone may have been diagnosed with reduced mental health and be finding it difficult to connect with others.

The Social Spark helps by

  • Making you less lonely and isolated
  • Encouraging you to regain your independence
  • Helping you make links with your local community through social and recreational activities
  • Listening to you

How the Service Works

This service is free of charge to access, although you will pay for your share of any activity you take part in, whether that be group meet ups, activities or trips out.

We offer a number of services:

Social Spark – Small friendly monthly or fortnightly social groups, supported by staff and volunteers, that meet up for lovely lunches.

Bright Spark – Activity groups for people with a passion, such as fishing groups.

(You can find out more about the groups we offer here)

Project Spark – A buddy scheme to support you to join a group within the community such as going to the gym or joining a craft group. Your buddy will accompany you to your chosen activity for up to six occasions to help you get settled in.

Vital Spark – One-to-one social support to help you get comfortable with being out and about and meeting new people. You will be matched with a trained social supporter who will meet with you either weekly, or fortnightly. The meetings will take place for six months to a year and aim to help you gain sufficient confidence and motivation in that time to have made your own friendships and social circles, or feel able to move on to join our social groups.

Central Spark – Central Spark is the most recent addition to the range of services on offer. We realise that, for a variety of reasons, people may not be ready to participate in any of the above services and that is why we have added Central Spark. People can join a range of activities, meet with other people, have a ‘blether’ and begin the process of getting out into the community with confidence and renewed self-esteem/self-worth.

What happens next?

When we receive your referral we will meet with you to discuss what you hope to achieve and which service would be best suited. When you start using one of our services staff will have regular contact with you to ensure the project is going well.


The Social Spark is managed by a small team of staff. Part of their role is to provide training, support and supervision to our volunteers (all of whom have been thoroughly vetted, including criminal record checks) who help to provide community-based services. We continually offer training for the volunteers throughout their time with FDAMH.