Referral Guidance for The Social Spark

The Social Spark accepts self-referral and referral from health or social care professionals.

If you would like to refer yourself please call us on 01324 671612 to find out more.

The aim of the project is to reduce isolation experienced by people who are living with a mental health diagnosis and those who may not have a diagnosis but are suffering from isolation and loneliness.

The Social Spark will provide numerous opportunities for people to gradually become more stimulated and motivated to become involved in community based activities.

Criteria for Referral

The Social Spark is open to people 16 years and over, living in the Forth Valley area who are experiencing or recovering from poor mental health or are lonely and isolated due to illness or a life changing event (e.g. death of family member, dispersed family or recuperation from a physical health problem).

People referred to the service should be:

  • Willing to meet out with the home environment or actively work towards this aim
  • Willing to try new activities or rediscover old interests
  • Able to or aim to get themselves to and from a community location
  • Able to pay for participating in activities, eg. The cost of coffee or lunch, fees for outings (cost of theatre tickets, fishing fees or admission fees to attractions)

Please note the service is NOT able to support people dependent on physical assistance from a volunteer whilst out.

We make every effort to offer home assessments and graded exposure to people with agrophobic conditions, but this is dependent upon the availability of appropriate volunteers.

We do not offer transport.

FDAMH will endeavour to provide input to people with physical disabilities. However volunteers cannot be held responsible for the safety of people who are not physically independent. This is due to limitations in volunteering recruitment strategies which focus on mental health issues and do not incorporate guidance in physical health problems.

FDAMH has a responsibility to prevent exploitation of both people who use the service and volunteers. As we receive only limited information on people referred to the service it is essential that referrers consider the safety and wellbeing of both the person they have referred and the volunteer when making a referral.

If the referrer is in any doubt about a person’s suitability for this service they may discuss this with a member of the Social Spark team before making a referral.

If you wish to self refer please call us. If you are referring someone else please use the secure online referral form or print and send us the printable referral form. Both are available on the main Social Spark page.