Third Age Befriending (TAB)

Third Age Befriending (TAB)

This service provides befriending for mature adults, aged 55 and over, whose functional mental health is at risk due to loneliness, isolation, bereavement, or life changes and those who already have reduced functional mental wellbeing or mild mental ill-health. The service holds a ‘Quality in Befriending’ Award.Quality in Befriending Award

The aim of the project is to help by:

  • Relieving loneliness and isolation
  • Encouraging service users to regain their independence
  • Trying to help re-establish links with the local community through social and recreational activities.

How the Service Works

This service is free of charge to access; although service users pay for their share of any activity that they and their volunteer befriender undertake together (the befriender pays for their own share). We offer three different types of support:

One-to-One Befriending

You will be matched with a suitable befriender and you will meet regularly to do chosen activities together. The befriender will help you identify what activities/goals you hope to achieve and work with you to achieve these.

Your befriending experience will be supervised by a member of staff and you will meet regularly to review how the befriending is going and what other goals you hope to achieve. Befriending relationships last for approximately one year.

TAB Groups

We offer access to small monthly social groups, supported by staff or volunteers, that meet to enjoy lunches and trips out. We also run a theatre group for those who would love to start attending live performances again – this tends to have a seasonal programme. You can find out more on the TAB Groups page using the boxed link.

Blether Together – Telephone Befriending

If you are less mobile or currently unable to leave your house this service will provide you with the opportunity to chat with a friendly volunteer once a week. You can chat about whatever interests you and just like one-to-one befriending, you’ll be able to identify goals that you hope to achieve and your telephone befriender can work with you on these.

What happens next?

When we receive your completed referral form, we will meet with you to discuss what you hope to achieve and which service you think will suit you best. When you start using one of our services we will have regular contact with you to ensure the project is going well.


The service is managed by two members of staff. A key part of their role is to provide training, support and supervision to our volunteer befrienders (all of whom have been thoroughly vetted, including criminal records checks). We continue training for the volunteers throughout their time with FDAMH.

TAB is an Accredited Service

Third Age Befriending (TAB) is accredited by Befriending Networks through the ‘Quality in Befriending – Excellence’ Award. See Award Listing on Befriending Networks.

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